Monday, August 4, 2014

A Different Spin on Gravity


Ok, I'm going to take a break from black magick with this post to document an idea I had the other week.

I have this thing about trees.  I love being around them, especially in highly wooded areas.  There's a park not far from my house where I sometimes go to clear my mind.

So anyway, I was checking out this tree, and the thought occurred to me: "What if the tree isn't actually growing up, but instead is growing OUT?"  I'll explain.

What if what we call gravity doesn't actually exist at all as the force they claim it is.  I'm admittedly not a physicist, and I know that sounds nuts, but follow the thought process for a minute.

What if trees are basically hanging onto the earth by their roots, but are just sort of hanging into the sky and by extension, space.  We know that for those living on a rotating sphere, there is no real up or down, it's all perspective.  So if there's no real "up" as we like to think, maybe the trees (and other plants) are growing "out" because of the centrifugal forces of the earth's spin.  We know there must be a force that causes most plants to grow toward the sun and sky.  Let's take it further.

What if we (people), along with everything else, are not being pulled down to the earth by whatever is at the core as we've all been taught, but instead are being pushed down to the earth by whatever is in space?  What if all of the stars, planets, moons, and everything that is in rotation is throwing off centrifugal forces in all directions, which balances everything else in the galaxy or universe.

Could what we call "gravity" actually be a manifestation of the average of centrifugal forces from space pushing down on everything on the surface along with the centrifugal forces from the earth pushing up?

If you could somehow cancel the centrifugal forces from space, would that help you levitate by riding the waves of centrifugal forces on the earth?  Is that how the pyramids were built?

We know that sound can cause levitation effects.  We've seen it occur plenty of times - I just saw someone do it on America's Got Talent, and stories and videos are all over YouTube which show it as well.  Maybe specific sound frequencies can cancel or disrupt the earth's centrifugal force causing an object to float.

Isn't this a much simpler idea than the problematic idea of gravity?  Did you know that they really don't have much of a working definition of gravity other than: "It's a force that draws things down to the center of the earth".  Add to that, physicists when trying to reconcile Newtons Laws with the relativity and quantum theories of Einstein run into plenty of inconsistencies in their calculations with regard to gravity.  They reconcile some of those inconsistencies by relating gravity to magnetism, but "gravity" affects things which aren't magnetic, so how exactly does that work?

Long story short, they don't really know what gravity is, and can't really define it, they just "know" what it does.  That's not a definition.  Why should anyone believe in something that doesn't have a REAL (as opposed to a working) definition, especially when a real definition CAN'T be provided?  They can't even prove that what they call gravity exists at all as a force separate from magnetism or from centrifugal forces, let alone that it's a "law".  We just know we don't fly off into space as a result of the earth's spin, but no one can explain why without using a bunch of arcane equations that few people understand.

Sorry, but I just don't think nature is that complicated where it needs equations which are 3 city blocks long in order to describe it, or to describe how it works.

Anyway, not to belabor the point but I'd love to hear someone else's take on this idea.  It's really just an intriguing possibility, and I'm not saying gravity doesn't exist because I don't actually know whether it exists or not, at least in the way that they describe it.

Where's Neil DeGrasse Tyson or Michio Kaku when you need them?

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Interplay between Light and Shadow


It occurred to me again yesterday that the things we find in nature can teach us so much about physical reality and what causes it to exist.  For example, I was contemplating a particular tree while relaxing on a hill in the park with my daughter, and how we can both see and miss the fullness of a tree's appearance.  I'll explain.

A tree (and actually everything) is the result of the light which feeds it, and the darkness from which it grows.  It is only a representation of the miracle of life, and the polarities of light and darkness between which it develops.  You can see these polarities represented by simply looking at the tree from a new perspective.

The light from the sun illuminates the tree so that you can perceive it, and the shadow behind and under the tree gives the tree "depth".  In other words, the light and shadow are inextricably a part of the tree, but we miss those things when just contemplating the tree itself.  Since the sun's light nourishes all created life, and since all things cast a shadow while in the presence of light, the sun and the shadow are also a part of all things within this reality.

By this example, we can see the forces of light and shadow, and how necessary they both are for our existence.  You cannot extricate the origin of a thing from the thing itself, because if you do, that thing becomes undefined.  All things originate from the sun itself, or from the stars, and are present manifestations of an ongoing process.  All things also cast a shadow.  Therefore to exalt light above shadow is in error, because both are necessary and must be balanced.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Correct Way to Use a Waning Lunar Cycle

This post should be of some use to those who may not know the correct way to use a waning lunar cycle, as I didn't until recently.  As most practitioners know, waxing lunar cycles are best for pulling things in to you, and waning cycles are best for pushing things away from you.  Talismans (which pull things to you) are traditionally used during waxing cycles, and amulets (which push things away) are traditionally used during waning cycles.

However, it can be difficult to use both cycles, especially if one isn't sure what should be pulled in or pushed away.  Using the technique that I will show here, can help make a manifestation easier to come by, and more fulfilling as well.


Magick as an Act of Sex with the Cosmos

Many high initiates of sex magick have written about the sexual nature of magickal work.  In truth, the act of sex is very closely related to the act of manifesting desired changes, or magick.  When using the Moon's cycles, this becomes clear as one uses the gentle "push and pull", or the sexual interplay between Mars and Venus in order to conceive a child, or manifestation.

The main idea here is that the overall intention should remain foremost in one's mind during the work so that there is no deviation from it's manifestation, no matter what current cycle the moon is in.  So to illustrate the point, we'll use an example.


A Manifestation Isn't Just the Object of Desire

Let's say that one is performing a spell for a new car.  During the waxing cycle, one would perform their magick to pull the car towards them, and during the waning cycle one would use magick to push "everything that is not conducive to the manifestation of that car" away from them.  This keeps the car foremost in the mind, and shapes reality by carving that car from the essential nothingness.

Let's use a diagram to further illustrate. 

Let the circle below represent the sphere of the desire.  The dot within this circle represents the desire itself, or the specific intention of the spell.  Everything within the circle that is NOT the dot, represents the environment within which the dot will manifest.  Magick done during the waxing cycle pulls the "dot" into manifest reality, and magick done during the waning cycle modifies the environment that the "dot" will manifest within, by removing whichever factors are not conducive to this dot's highest and best manifestation.  The dot then is the "embryo", and the entire area inside the circle and around the dot becomes the "womb".

Now since we are using both cycles of the Moon, we could even use two different spells to manifest the same very specific desire.  One spell would be to draw the desire forth, and could be worked during the waxing cycle.  The other spell would be to push away "what is not conducive to the desire".  The second spell basically "lubricates" the manifestation into becoming, by magickally detoxifying the environment which will give the desire it's final form.  The desire is the same for both, but the two approaches are essentially mirror images of each other, with one adding energy to the manifestation, and the other spell removing factors from the environment which may hinder it's best manifestation. 

A Word of Caution - Use Divination!

This is a two-pronged approach that will work much better than a one-off spell, or even a week-long working.  Using this technique over a month's time should bring about a powerful manifestation.

However, care should be taken to ensure that the intended manifestation is what you really want when using this technique, because it intrinsically makes modifications to your sphere that could also have other ramifications in whichever areas of your life they are also connected to.  

For example, if you getting a new car requires an improvement to your credit score, you may start hearing from collection agencies or credit counselors in order to help pay off old debts and improve that score.  You could suddenly have a falling out with your cable company, and decide that you no longer want their service, which would definitely free up more money for a car payment.  Your significant other, who doubles as a leech on your finances, may decide that the grass is greener elsewhere and suddenly leave.  One almost never knows how these things can manifest, so as always, a Tarot divination is best done before casting your spell so you'll know if you can tolerate your manifestation's most likely path of progression.

I hope this helps people understand a bit more about using Lunar cycles.