Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hail Paimon!

King Paimon is the 9th spirit of the Goetia in the Lesser Key of Solomon.  Many sorcerers have worked with him, but I'd never had a reason to do so personally until recently.  Some have said that Paimon is actually Azazel, and that may be true or it may not be, I have no real opinion on it.

I'd run in to a number of frustratingly persistent business problems, some of my own making due to attempting to grow my business too quickly and hiring more people than I actually needed.  I was hoping that I could thereby extricate myself from the day-to-day operations somewhat, and get more into a managerial/sales role which is more my niche.  That turned out to be a costly miscalculation on my part.

As usual, when I run into business problems I turn to magick, and this case was no different.  Most times when I'm perplexed as to which spirit I will call upon for aid, I listen for the advice of my guardian/companion spirits or my servitors.  In this particular instance, Paimon's name came through loudly and clearly, so I began researching him in order to become familiar with him.  Then I did a tarot reading with him in mind to see how working with him was likely to turn out.  After the reading turned out positive, I set a date to evoke Paimon.

The evocation was very simply done.  I aligned with the West as it is said that he has his seat there, and arranged a few offerings for him along with some props.  When he arrived, his presence was felt, and the fanfare which by many accounts usually accompanies him was also heard.  I could see him in my mind's eye sitting upon the dromedary, although he was larger than I expected.  He was very cordial, and I could sense that he and I would become allied to some degree as I felt very comfortable with him.  I've felt that way before about other spirits, such as Belial, but this was a bit different in an indescribable way.

Anyway, I am pleased to say that as of yesterday, which was 11 days since I called upon him (I called upon him on the 11th), he came through with flying colors.  Not only did he do everything I asked of him, he helped uproot the main problem, and also helped me see where I'd originally gone wrong.  My petition was answered in an unexpected, yet very satisfactory way.

The humorous thing about it was that at the precise moment when I suddenly realized that he had been the one behind the positive developments of the past nearly two weeks, someone's car horn began blaring outside for an inordinately long time (this doesn't happen often in my neighborhood, especially not at 11:30 on a weeknight), which to me goes back to the "fanfare" that he is known for.  It was like he was saying "helllooooo, it was meeeee".  I found it funny and chuckled, telling him "well played".

I do look forward to calling upon him again.  My thanks to King Paimon for his aid.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Working With Vapula


It has indeed been a while since I've posted.  I've been extremely busy with work.  Too busy in fact.  At any rate.

I've worked with Vapula multiple times, and he has always come through for me in whatever I've asked him.  I work with my hands and with tools a lot, and he grants skill in those areas.  What I didn't realize until recently was that he also grants skills in other areas, like in working with one's mind. 

The grimoires have this to say of him:

(60.) Vapula, or Naphula. — The Sixtieth Spirit is Vapula, or Naphula. He is a Duke Great, Mighty, and Strong; appearing in the Form of a. Lion with Gryphon’s Wings. His Office is to make Men Knowing in all Handcrafts and Professions, also in Philosophy, and other Sciences. He governeth 36 Legions of Spirits, and his Seal or Character is thus made, and thou shalt wear it as aforesaid, etc.

Generally, when I'm doing a larger job, I will make an offering to him so that my skills are sharpened.  I have also asked that he influence me to do my best work, and I've been pleased with the result.

Since the time I started working with demons quite a bit, and over the years since then, I've learned the importance of one thing, particularly when making pacts, and it is this:  You must do what you say you will do as payment for what you ask of them.  If you make them a promise, it must be kept.  On that, there is no negotiation.

Part of the reason I am writing this particular entry is that I did not immediately follow that simple rule, although I'd planned to eventually 'get around to it'.  That's not a good idea when it comes to demonic pacts, and it wasn't for me in this case.

Sorcerers love to write about their astounding results, and the dramatic effects they were able to achieve with their workings.  But I think the other side, namely the 'failures', deserve a bit of airtime as well.  So I'll write about mine, for no better reason than to provide a balanced perspective.

I made a pact and offered to write a blog post for Vapula in exchange for increased skill on a job we were doing.  A blog post which I'd neglected to do until now.  For that, I'm in the midst of a storm of pure bullshit, and fighting tooth and nail to bring some order to it. 

What's at issue is the quality of the work we did on our most recent job, which although it was of adequate quality, it wasn't 'great' work and there's probably no way now to make this customer happy because of that.  First time ever in my life having this issue.  Insult to injury, this person is a relative of one of my best referral sources, who had referred her to me.  So now that's probably a damaged relationship also, although he says it's not (because she's a raging alcoholic and he knows how difficult it is to deal with her).  Then to take it completely over the top, I had to fire one of my best skilled guys during the course of this job, and another of my hardest working guys quit a couple of days later.

Some might say this is an effect of Mercury Retrograde, but I don't think that's it in this case.  I know where this storm came from.

I deserved this though.  I didn't keep my word. That is not Ma'at.  I am attempting reconciliation with Vapula however, so we'll see how it goes.  This post is part of that attempt.  It is what it is.

Long story short, if you're going to summon demons, and develop relationships with them, you must keep your word to them when pacts are made.  Not following this rule can cause you to learn the true meaning of the word 'chaos'.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Samael and Lilith: A Forbidden Love

Came He upon Her alone
Feathered Serpent He was,
Coiled and curious, Creator.
She having no knowledge of Him
and told to stay away
Intrigued, beguiled, and seduced
She was

Taught Her the power of Her love,
beauty, and sexuality, Her magick
And by this same power has
She bound Him forever
Within the blood of all those who share their love,
and the love of Self above all.

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Gods: Egregores or Literal Beings?

Short answer:  They're probably both.  The question is how?

A thought hit me the other day that I'd like to share because I think I've finally made enough sense of it to be able to communicate it more simply now than when the idea first came.

It started a while ago, probably not long after I got onto my path, but I began reading anything and everything I could find about the old gods, particularly the Egyptian Neteru and the Sumerian Gods.  I did this because for some reason, which was likely ancestry-oriented, it was important for me to find out exactly who the gods are/were from not only a spiritual standpoint, but from a historical one.

And just as others who also have been bitten by this same bug have found, it's incredibly difficult to correlate one culture's pantheon's gods to anothers' due to the lack or incompleteness of historical records from those cultures and eras, let alone the utter lack of peer-reviewed material on the subject largely because the historical languages from those times are not widely understood anymore.

For the most part, we as practitioners especially are able to discover and interact with the "egregoric versions" or Godforms of these entities, especially during evocation, but the "historical" beings behind the myths and legends of the entities that we evoke remain obscured from clear view by the mists of time.  For all intents and purposes, and more to the point of this post, it appears that the bulk of any historical records depicting the cultures and exploits of the gods of those times perished during the Great Flood along with most of humanity.  Unfortunately for us, so also may have perished any truly meaningful opportunity to conceptualize the gods as "flesh and blood", perhaps even as flesh and blood of extraterrestrial origin as has been widely postulated, instead of only as entities which we evoke for getting new jobs and for healing toothaches and such.

To set my premise in perhaps clearer terms, I believe that the gods actually walked among humanity before the flood, and so they were "known" in a much different way during those days than how we perceive them now.  Further, as legends were transmitted orally amongst cultures, and mythologies were cast and recast, sometimes deliberately for political reasons (depending upon who was in power at the time - especially in Egypt), the names were changed and the stories were told and retold.

From what I've been able to gather from the existing records, it seems that the Annunaki (Sumerian) Gods were here until the flood occurred, during which time they left and came back and then founded Sumer after the flood.  Sumer was afterwards destroyed by infighting amongst the various Annunaki factions, and then Egypt rose to power, but by that time the old "Sumerian" gods had undergone their cultural transformation into the Egyptian gods, the transformation itself taking hundreds or perhaps thousands of years.

So Enki became Ptah, Ningishzidda became Tehuti, Inanna (or Ninhursag) became Isis/Hathor, and Marduk became Ra, just to name a few "identity-switcheroos".  It is not as clear how other major Sumerian gods such as Nergal, Ninurta and Utu/Shamash were similarly transformed if they were at all by the Egyptians.  With regard to these three Sumerian gods in particular, it is interesting to note that they each also represented a distinct phase of the sun in it's course across the sky, with one god representing dawn, another noon, sunset, etc., similarly to later conceptions of the Egyptian god Ra.  The cultural transformation of Marduk into Ra is especially interesting, since the respective myths and legends about these two gods have little in common yet Ra is commonly accepted to actually be Marduk.

In his myths, Marduk was the champion of the gods and the slayer of Tiamat, who was described as having been a large serpent, and of Kingu, from whose blood humankind was partially created.  Alternately, in the mythos of Ra, the slayer of this "serpent-like being", renamed Apep, was not Ra but was instead Set who was conceived of as being the protector of Ra before his "demonization".

Also in the Egyptian rendition, this "serpent-slaying" didn't occur only once, but was instead a daily conflict as Ra moved across the sky in his solar barque.  It's hard to miss the similarities in these two stories, along with the collective of other similar "hero-slays-the-dragon" stories from various cultures, such as Hercules' slaying of Hydra, Baal Hadad (Adad) versus Yamm/Lotan, St. George versus the Dragon, etc.  It describes an evident archetypal conflict within the collective unconscious of humanity, one where a hero slays a dragonlike creature, and one which may be based in historical fact in some way.

By some accounts, the original battle where the serpent was slain occurred long before the creation of what we know of as matter, or the material world, the battle itself being the necessary precursor for matter's creation - as it is said that heaven and earth were fashioned by Marduk from the cloven body of Tiamat.

What isn't clear in that case is how this battle could have occurred at all if matter hadn't been formed yet.  Were these "astral" battles which occurred in a higher, less "material" dimension and afterwards somehow we've become privy to their outcome?  Were these stories intended to contain astrotheological truths, and were the so-called "gods" actually planets and not beings per se?  Subjective interpretation is required in the absence of clarity on that.


So how is it that Ra, who was known as Marduk in an earlier culture, and who was likely to have been either a general or other military warrior albeit extraterrestrial, become represented by "the Sun itself" and subsequently worshipped as an almighty god?  The same question is asked for the others, like Inanna, Ningishzidda, Enlil, Enki, and the rest.  How does an allegedly historical physical entity such as Ningishzidda become "Thoth" for the Egyptians, "Odin" for the Norse, "Hermes" for the Greeks, and "Mercury" for the Romans, each legendary figure having it's own lore and magickal potency as a separate godform?

How does a brilliant extraterrestrial (mammalian or reptilian humanoid) Annunaki geneticist like Enki, who is by most ancient accounts directly responsible for the creation of humanity, first become worshipped and revered as Ptah by the Egyptians, but then demonized as Lucifer by Christians, or as Samael/Azazel by the Hebrews?  Can Enki be conjured up as Ptah for beneficial workings, or as Samael for works of wrath, or are these names only powerful thralls called in place of him?  When those other names are used in conjuration, is it a concentration of Enki's spirit which shows up, or is it a Ptah/Samael egregore?  Is Enki actually Samael, or perhaps the entity known as Satan?  If so, and since we know that many later incarnations of this being were demonized, does that mean that Enki is also Pan/Shiva/The Horned God?  Is he also Aiwass, who is said to be a form of Set or Shaitan.   Is he also Melek Taus the Peacock Angel of the Yezidis?  How could one ever know, and does it even matter for the sake of getting the results one seeks from working with these entities?

I realize that these questions may never be answered.  I for one am greatly hoping for the long-awaited disclosure of the true history of our planet, so that these and countless other questions can finally be put to rest.  I only offer this post something to perhaps provoke thought and discussion, and to record these thoughts.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I'm just gonna leave this here...

Well worth the read...

Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Psychopathic Misfit


There are many models by which we, especially as occultists, attempt to make sense of all things and to compartmentalize them in order to understand not only psychospiritual but material phenomena.  These are indexing systems if you will, and there are many of them, some more well-known than others - like the Kabbalah as revealed by revered occultists such as Eliphas Levi and others.

While these indexes are valuable for apprehending and analyzing otherwise nearly-inscrutable phenomena, they are themselves meaningless without the necessary context and vocabulary education.  Simpler methods which are perhaps more intuitive become useful in the absence of extended study, and are, if not equally as valuable, at least workable to increase our apprehension of the unknowable mysteries found within the higher realms of consciousness.

One of the main methodologies I personally use, along with the Kabbalah (or Qabbalah, whichever spelling you prefer), is the astrologically derived modes of operation found within nature's workings.  These modes are termed Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable and refer to the "beginning" of a thing, it's "maintenance and nurturing" phase, and it's "destruction and transformation" phase respectively.

The 12 signs of the Zodiac are categorized within one of these 3 modes.  The Cardinal signs being Capricorn, Cancer, Libra, and Aries.  The Fixed signs being Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus, and Leo.  The Mutable signs being Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Virgo.

These 3 phases of nature's operations are also encoded within a single name and magickal formula - IAO.  "I" stands for Isis, who is known as the Great Mother, or that which maintains and nurtures all creatures.  "A" stands for Apophis, or the Great Destroyer, which destroys all things at the end of their cycle so that new life can begin.  "O" stands for Osiris, who is the beginner of all things, or the "planter of seed".  For understanding, one must recognize these names as not just the deities they identify, but as identifying the principles that each of these deities represent.

These primal modes and principles can also be found among more than just the Zodiac and in cultural mythologies, they can also be found in societies as well.  We have Creative (cardinal) people who dream up and invent new things, such as in the arts, industries, and new technologies - Tesla, Jobs, and Edison would be found here.  We have Managerial (fixed) people who are adept at maintaining and nurturing what others have created, while they themselves may have little to no creative ability.  You'll find healers and counselors among this group.  Then we have the Destroyers (mutable), who are people who break down things to their barest elements in order to make something new from the remains.  These people can be found among the military, or working in demolition, or perhaps as athletes, etc.

A common yet unrecognized tragedy occurs when those who are perhaps genetically-determined to fit mainly inside one of these 3 natural modes, doesn't quite realize his place in the natural order, or worse, is made to feel as though his predispositions are in fact useless or even reprehensible.

In essence, I am speaking of the psychopathic misfit.

A working definition of psychopathy is:
a mental disorder in which an individual manifests amoral and antisocial behavior, lack of ability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships, extreme egocentricity, failure to learn from experience, etc.
Generally speaking, psychopathy is considered a mental illness akin to mental insanity.  But upon further analysis, a very telling question is asked: is it that psychopaths are indeed "mentally ill", or is it that there's just no place for them in our society?  Is it that they are somehow at fault for being the way they are, or is it actually society's fault for allowing no "constructive" outlet for their predilections?
We've all known people like this.  The destructive ones, the angry ones, the drama queens (and kings), the murderers, the smooth-talking con artists with no conscience to speak of, those who raise hell for no reason other than they just "felt like it."  These are the people that society seemingly has no use for, and my contention is that society continues to suffer the effects of this because it allows no place for these people other than in jails or cemeteries.  This is a primary failing within society.

No one who recognizes what these people truly are wants to be around them, unless they are of the same nature.  They are maligned and shunned upon discovery of their true nature by those who are unlike them, and made to feel like lone wolves, when in fact their particular talents and their lack of empathy is actually sorely needed within society.  These "psychopaths" are the apex predators of society, the white blood cells if you will, that consume the old, outworn, and obsolete, gleefully and with abandon.  
Imagine the joy the wolf must feel as he feeds upon his prey, and even put yourself in the place of that wolf, which only does what he is designed and created to do.  Only then can one understand that the wolf serves a very pressing need in the wild.  For if there are no wolves, then the prey population gets out of control and nature as a whole suffers because of it.   Imagine the joy of the spider, as he sinks his fangs into his web-bound catch and ingests the juices within it, so that he himself can live another day.  If not for these predators, and others like them, the pest population would explode - and this is what we are now seeing in society.  Predators keep the unwanted population explosion in check, in nature's wisdom and by nature's design.
We see this same suffering caused by our own "pests" within society, as the predators within society, generally having no acceptable outlet for their destructive leanings, simply destroy at random instead and so the actual pests remain alive to propagate.  Predation is what hunters are designed and created to do (so they can't just not do it - there's no turning that leaning off).  Generally these misunderstood people eventually find a way to destroy themselves, and usually after destroying everything or everyone around them, because they are the avatars, or the embodiment of nature's vital principle of destruction.  They dance to that primal pulse of the destructive essence within nature, and hear no other music at all because destruction itself resonates within them.  And so those people and things which actually should have been destroyed long ago because they are obsolete, are thereby allowed to continue to exist and to propagate.  This is the essence of the imbalance.

How can this be fixed?  The psychopath, who out of necessity feels nothing for his prey, must be given a role in society.  They are the "natural" hunter-killers, the demolition experts, the forest-clearers, the executioners, the soldiers, etc.  We have seen this type of individual manifest usually as serial killers (Richard Kuklinsky, John Wayne Gacy) or as conquerors (Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great), which are feared and shunned but also secretly admired.  Some find their destructive outlet in combat sports, or in arenas, but most never do, so they hide in plain sight.  Others, like Christopher Columbus for example, himself being the quintessential psychopath, come to be regarded as heroes as time passes, although while they were alive they were veritable gods of war and terror.

There are also those who, in a misguided attempt to appear to be something other than what they are, find themselves in all walks of life and in various ill-fitting professions in order to appear to be like those around them.  This is the reason why when serial killers' crimes are eventually discovered, everyone is always so taken aback because the suspect "was the nicest guy ever" or "was really quiet and stayed to himself" and "I never would have thought they'd do that".  People generally never have any idea what's beneath the surface with so-called psychopaths, who go out of their way to appear "normal" as a necessary defense mechanism so that they can release their aggression unawares.

There are those who would read this post and recoil, saying "we cannot give a place to these sorts of destructive personalities because society itself would break down."  To those people I will make three counter-arguments:

a) Society is already broken dows, look around you.  The only place we see psychopaths currently represented is in the so-called "ruling classes" or in prisons and mental facilities.

b) Remember, this is a primal and necessary force of nature that we're speaking of.  It cannot be repressed.  We see the evidence of it's attempted repression in it's subsequent morphing into the systems and institutions within our society because it has no other outlet.  The collective unconscious has it's own shadow contents which are made evident in the psychopathic anti-human/anti-nature methodologies and technologies of most corporations.  We also see it manifesting in systems that are equally anti-human/anti-nature, such as the legal system.  We allow it to persist when we accept "I was just doing my job" as a valid excuse for the systematic destruction of people's lives and of the natural world.

c) These people are already out there, and there are new ones being born every day.   We just never had a "diagnosis" for them before.  It's always been like that, the psychopathic predator type has been out there from day one.  He is the brother who kills; the son who slays.  He makes a mockery of what you thought of him by what he does about it.  Randomly.  Compulsively.  Many of these sorts could be some common "smooth-talking playboy" types who just haven't actually done it yet - "American Psycho" anyone?  Maybe that's why that movie is so popular, it struck a nerve in society perhaps.  I thought it sucked when I first saw it, so I may need to watch it again to see what I must've missed.  Anyway.

In closing, the overall point of this post is to say that all operational modes of nature should be reflected within society with no judgment or preference for one over any other.  If a person is a healer, then let them heal.  If they are an inventor, then let them invent.  If they are a destroyer, let them destroy.  Society as a whole would benefit from this, and everyone would have a role.

EDIT 4/3/15: I had to post a link to this story.  This woman is exactly the type of person I was writing about: someone who has found a constructive outlet for her destructive tendencies - a hunter of hunters. 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

My "Tarot" Love Spell


I'd like to post a spell that I cast over 4 years ago that resulted in my current relationship (which is still going strong I might add).  Sure, we've had our ups and downs and have even broken up once or twice due to disagreements, etc.  (can't really say I'm the easiest person to love).  But throughout all this time, we have each grown together and I know that we will be together for some time to come.  It all started with a love spell, which I'll share with you now.

I had been out of my previous relationship (a 2nd marriage) for over a year, and had finally gotten to the point where I felt comfortable moving on.  But I'd been out of the dating scene for a while and didn't want to end up in a bad situation, so I though I'd try a love spell to find a new girlfriend.

At the time, I was experimenting with using Tarot cards as magickal focusing aids, having read the book on the subject by Donald Tyson.  I knew that each Tarot card is simply a snapshot of various human psychological patterns, and that it is said that each of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types can be mapped to one of the Court cards respectively.  What better tool for communicating with the universe exactly what one wants in a mate could there be, if true?

So, I sat down for about 20 minutes and listed all of the traits I'd want in my new companion, making sure that none of the negative traits which I'd found in my 2nd wife were on the list, but listing a few of her more endearing qualities.  Then I matched that list to the typical interpretations for each of the court cards, until I found the most likely card to represent my new companion's most dominant personality characteristics.  For our purposes, we'll say that the card I chose was the Queen of Cups.

Then I created a paper talisman in Microsoft Word which contained an image of the Queen of Cups card, along with other cards such as the 2 of Cups (or maybe it was the Lovers card, it's been a while can't remember which), and one other card in a triangular pattern, with my overall intention ("companion") written in Chaldean/Hebrew in the center of the triangle.  It resembled this diagram.

Tarot Talisman Diagram

I prayed to the Goddess over this talisman to consecrate it, telling Her exactly what I wanted in a mate, and asking Her to extend Her divine influence over the manifestation of my intention.  This was done on a Friday during the hour of Venus, during a waxing moon.  I believe I "fed" this talisman with lit candles every day for a week to make sure it had enough energy, and then I simply forgot about it, and began approaching women who I found interesting.

Sure enough, eventually I began to chat with my soon-to-be girlfriend who I met online, and we decided that we'd meet.  I met her out with her friends at a club, and we talked all night like we'd known each other for years.  We made plans to go out together, just the two of us, met up and had a great time (which lasted well into the night I might add).  The rest as they say is history.

After we decided that we'd date each other exclusively, I got curious and went back and checked to see exactly when I'd done my original spell and it turned out it was exactly 30 days from the date I'd cast the spell to the date when we went out on our first official date.  Add to that, once I'd compared my natal chart to hers, I found that we were remarkably compatible astrologically, with all relevant natal planet placements (moon, ascendant, Mars, Venus) between us being entirely compatible, if not of the same element.

She wasn't even freaked out when I finally "came out of the broom closet" with her and showed her my altar, etc.  She had been a Christian in her earlier life also, but had also fallen out with it and was looking for alternatives, but had no knowledge nor experience of magick.  We've since done many spells together, and although I wouldn't call her a witch per se, she definitely knows enough magick now to be fairly formidable if she really wanted to be.   She has also become very devoted to the Goddess, prays to her a lot, and even wears her pendant daily.

When I got onto the darker portions of my path, and began to establish relationships with the more infernal entities (especially those of the higher echelons), she got a bit concerned mainly because my personality changed somewhat, but she didn't say much until afterwards because she knew how important it was for me to do that.  Since I've "rebalanced" my lighter and darker natures, she's obviously become more comfortable, but I'm truly glad she mostly "gets it", at least enough not to interfere out of fear.  My inner work would be infinitely more difficult if I didn't have her to talk with, even though she doesn't always really "get" everything that I'm ranting about.

We almost never fight, are very compatible intellectually, and have many of the same goals or desires.  We can still talk on the phone for hours, even after just having been together for 3 whole days.  She also gets along with most of my family members, and both my mom and daughter just adore her.  I get along with her family very well also, and her dad and I have even worked on commercial projects together.  It has been this way from day one of our relationship, and she and I have both grown to rely on each other, and to trust each other explicitly. 

I consider this simple spell, done so long ago, as one of my greatest magickal successes and I am truly grateful to the Goddess for answering my request.  Hopefully, this post will inspire others to attempt the same type of spell for themselves if they are single and don't want to be, or if they'd want to try using the Tarot for other things than predicting the future.

Update 1/22/15 -  Interestingly, my girlfriend read this post and let me in on a few things that I didn't know.  One being the fact that on the exact weekend when I did this spell, she got into a huge unprovoked argument with a person whom she had only been seeing for a few weeks.  It occurred out of the blue and resulted in her looking online and joining a popular dating website - something she had never done before.  That website is where she and I met.  

It's always so fascinating to me how magick plays out in the material world.