Monday, July 14, 2014

Evocation Magick has closed


Really bummed that the website has closed down permanently.  I learned a lot by reading through the posts that were there, and had some interesting discussions with some of the other practitioners who regularly posted there. 

I really hope someone reposts the true treasure trove of information that was found there.  I suppose from now on, I'll only post my experiences here.  I still hope to collaborate with other practitioners in some fashion, but for now I'll just continue doing what I do.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Interplay between Light and Shadow


It occurred to me again yesterday that the things we find in nature can teach us so much about physical reality and what causes it to exist.  For example, I was contemplating a particular tree while relaxing on a hill in the park with my daughter, and how we can both see and miss the fullness of a tree's appearance.  I'll explain.

A tree (and actually everything) is the result of the light which feeds it, and the darkness from which it grows.  It is only a representation of the miracle of life, and the polarities of light and darkness between which it develops.  You can see these polarities represented by simply looking at the tree from a new perspective.

The light from the sun illuminates the tree so that you can perceive it, and the shadow behind and under the tree gives the tree "depth".  In other words, the light and shadow are inextricably a part of the tree, but we miss those things when just contemplating the tree itself.  Since the sun's light nourishes all created life, and since all things cast a shadow while in the presence of light, the sun and the shadow are also a part of all things within this reality.

By this example, we can see the forces of light and shadow, and how necessary they both are for our existence.  You cannot extricate the origin of a thing from the thing itself, because if you do, that thing becomes undefined.  All things originate from the sun itself, or from the stars, and are present manifestations of an ongoing process.  All things also cast a shadow.  Therefore to exalt light above shadow is in error, because both are necessary and must be balanced.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Truth about Belial


Recently I'd begun working with Belial for a few business-related things, along with to fulfill a desire to know more about him and understand who and what he is.  Few "demons" have as varied a story as he, being the ancient avowed enemy of God (Yahweh), and none have his reputation for being Evil Incarnate, or Satan himself, except perhaps Lucifer (albeit incorrectly in Lucifer's case).  It is said that he was the first to rebel against God during the war in heaven, and some legends say that he was the one who convinced Lucifer to rebel against God and to take a third of the angels with them.

However, it seems to me from my dealings with him that we've only heard part of the story, and the parts which we've heard have been drastically modified to align with the popular culture's imaginations, themselves being nearly-irreparably contaminated with Christianized-thinking.  This post will offer a different take on his legend, along with a less-favorable image for "God" than what we currently have.  Belial serves an ancient and vital purpose, like everything and everyone else in Creation, so we'll talk a bit about that as well.

As is known amongst most occultists and mystics, all of what we perceive around us is illusion (maya), meaning nothing is actually real, it all just appears to be real and is generated in part by what we expect to perceive.  In other words, if we do not expect to see or perceive something, it is generally invisible to our senses.  What we expect to see is entirely driven by whichever socialization processes we undergo as human children.  This framework of socialization, and of civilization itself, is known as a "matrix" which can be thought of as the sum total of what we believe about the universe and how it operates, along with our role within it.  The universe itself responds to our ideas about how it operates, and essentially becomes precisely that, so this is why it's vital to operate from observation instead of dogma or belief.

So if what we are taught as children is lies designed to keep us operating at a manageable frequency of consciousness (or limited intelligence), then we can be ruled by those operating at higher frequencies, ie, the elite or the ruling class who know the truth about human existence.  This has always been the case for as long as human civilization has existed.  The ruling classes of all civilizations are those who perform no meaningful or productive labor, instead relying on their carefully-crafted illusion of rulership over the "lower" classes, and their instituting of multi-varied socialization processes, to perpetuate doing no laborious work themselves.  These are they who survive off the labor of others in order to "rule".

We see this throughout history, with most empires (and governments) being enormous labor and wealth extraction apparatuses, which benefit the few at the expense of the many.  These apparatuses have borders, which are the boundaries of a kingdom or a state or even a city, and they separate one slaveowner's plantation from another's.  We call these plantations different names, like the USA, or perhaps the Roman Empire.  The most successful slaveowners were known as Kings, Queens, or Emperors, but are now called Presidents, or possibly dictators, etc.

Through "dynasties", certain families pass down this avoidance of labor to those in their "royal" bloodlines, thereby establishing their family line as being exempt from meaningful work - which gets us into the concept of royal families.  In modern times, after the advent of what we call Democracy, citizens are given a voice by being "allowed" to "vote" for whomever is to lead them, but they themselves are eternally unfit to "rule".  This is the illusion of "rulership" in a nutshell.  However, rulership is nothing more than essentially owning slaves (which are renamed "citizens" to make their plight more palatable), whether through overt or covert means.  There are different levels or degrees of slavery, ranging from outright slaves to the clergy class, but these all fall below the highest level of society which is the ruling class, to which none of them shall ever rise.

On a more metaphysical level, we know through the work of those like Lon Milo Duquette and others, that there are beings known as angels which uphold and enforce the existence of various aspects of creation.  Belial is actually the Angel of Free Will itself, or even of the "freed" will, and without him, what we perceive as free will and self-determination would not exist.

Belial is the spirit who first said "Do what thou wilt", which is why Aleister Crowley and others have been so enamored by him.  He is the spirit of Anarchy, or that which upholds the state of being masterless.  He is also the chief architect of rebellion against all "authority", while preferably becoming a ruler oneself.  He is the reason why people want to become rulers, so that they will have no masters.

With that said, let's see how and why he has been maligned by Christians and even Yahweh from day one.  Belial represents the sum total of the entire threat against every government, every religious organization, and every ruling class whereby they would lose their carefully crafted illusion of rulership and thereby lose power.  He represents the throwing off of any and all masters, and the recognizance of no authority.

As such, he had no choice but to rebel against the heavy-handed and authoritative nature of Yahweh, because to do otherwise would go against Belial's purpose for being.  He is thus the equal and opposite of Yahweh, for where Yahweh wants no gods to be worshiped except him, Belial represents the worshiping of no "god" whatsoever.  The dynamic between Yahweh and Belial is akin to the "unstoppable force meeting the immovable object", or something that can have no final outcome or victor.

If we look at Belial's name in Hebrew (בליעל), we find it is translated as "being without worth" or "worthless one" and "without value" or "never to rise".  His name has a Gematria value of 142, which corresponds to "worthlessness, wickedness, destruction, destroyer" along with "God loathes" "to take one's stand" "to set up, or stand".  So, what Belial represents is those slaves or citizens who will not perform any work for anyone in the ruling class, nor recognize any rulers at all as such, thereby nullifying their own intrinsic value to the slavemasters and/or to the ruling class.  He also represents the ruling class itself, or they who have no masters.

He is the ultimate enemy of established human social hierarchy, social structure, and those laws which undergird it, at least as far as the rulers are concerned.  Yet those in rulership positions revere him in private, for within their own empires they are the masters, and recognize no masters above themselves, and recognize other slavemasters or rulers only as peers.  Once reaching the ruling class, they can rise no higher in human societies, thus can they be said "never to rise".  Also upon reaching the ruling class they are no longer expected to work either, so they are then "without value", as labor is the most vital form of capital in any society, so those who do not labor have no real value, only illusory. 

In the grimoires, Belial is said to offer senatorships, and to help one to rise on one's job, or in business.  He essentially rules "how high one climbs" in life.  He is the patron Angel of entrepreneurs also, as their dogged self-determination and burning desire to have no "master" mesh well with his energies and overall purpose.  He is a necessity, not a demon, because the ambition to be masterless, or to be at the apex of any given hierarchy, is itself what fuels all social dynamics no matter the species.

He is as ancient as is the rebellion against rulership of all kinds, and of one-upmanship.  He is king of the hill, or that which climbs the mountain solely to reach the top of it in order to look down upon all that is below it.  He represents the ultimate apex predator of any and all given ecosystems, and the striving to be at the top, and as such is quite necessary.  This is why he is known as the King or God of this world, because this world is run by the whims of those at the top, and most behaviors are in some way tied to "getting to the top".

You can even see his dynamic in the act of conception, where millions of sperm cells are shot towards a single ovum, yet only one "winner" will fertilize it or accomplish its purpose or will.  You see it in plants as well, where pollen is spewed into the air, yet only an exceptional few grains will find their marks, while the others find oblivion.  The strongest, smartest, and luckiest make it to the top, and the others simply serve as food.  This is neither good for the winners, nor evil for the losers, it's just the way things are on earth.  Some win, others lose, end of story.

There is more I could say about these ideas, along with my work with Belial himself, but I simply wanted to record my impressions of him and what he represents in this post.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Working with King Bael

If you own a business, at some point you will be sued.  This is an unfortunate fact of life with being an entrepreneur.  However, for a sorcerer, even this is not an issue if you know exactly who to call upon to help you manage a good outcome without being financially ruined by legal issues.

In my case, I was recently sued by a former friend/colleague who felt as though I'd fired him from a job unfairly.  However, his work, demeanor, and attitude were the reasons behind it.  Yet unfortunately we found ourselves battling it out in court before a judge.

When it comes to civil court, the trick is to settle for as little as possible so that the case doesn't get dragged out forever with appeals, etc.  It's a bit different from criminal court, because whereas victory in criminal court is somewhat defined by walking out of the courtroom freely instead of ending up in jail, a civil court victory is defined by giving your opponent far less than what they're looking for in compensation.


In my case, my opponent was looking for $5,500 that I felt he was not entitled to.  On the job in question, I paid him $1,100 after he was terminated for the work he'd done up to that point.  He was looking for thousands more, so of course we ended up before a judge.

It's sort of an unspoken but known thing that in the American legal system, there are quite a few Masons in prominent positions.  Many judges, attorneys, and others are Masons and it can be surmised that they would support each other to some degree no matter which side of the legal battle they're on.  This could be easily done as they have secret signals (terms, hand signs, handshakes, etc.) with which they can identify themselves and their degree to other initiated Masons in plain sight and those who don't know those signals would never be the wiser.

I bring that up because my court opponent was/is a Mason, and the judge probably is as well.  My opponent is also very well versed in litigation and court procedures, and often goes to lunch with one or more judges.  He has successfully sued Ford Motor Company, a school district, and other institutions and has won many 6-figure settlements in the past.  He didn't even bring an attorney to court because he knows civil proceedings so well, having been in the courtroom for litigation so many times.  Plus he knows practically "everybody", and I just plain don't because I'm not what you'd call the "political" type.  I'd never been sued before, so I had no clue what to expect.

My court opponent showed up with his entire family all dressed as if they were going to church or something (I mean seriously, who brings their wife and son to civil court?), and of course he wore a Masonic lapel pin presumably to signal the judge to side with him.  As expected, he used certain known Masonic terminology when speaking with the judge, and vice versa, but I picked up on a lot of it.  The psychological impact of bringing your wife and child to court can't be overstated.  This man was attempting to appear to be a family man who is "just seeking fair compensation to take care of his family", against the "evil and greedy business owner who is trying to rip him off".  Riiight.

Add to that, I've known this gentleman for 3 years at least and have been to his home several times, so I know that his wife is well versed in Voodoo/Vodoun, being from the islands where she's from.  That fact actually gave me more concern than anything because although I'm used to affecting fate with my magick, it's much easier when those I'm working against or upon are uninitiated muggles.  I've used hoodoo-voodoo-themed magick more than once to stay out of jail successfully, even when I was admittedly dead wrong, so I know how effective voodoo-based magick can be for influencing court matters.

Ordinarily, all of these opposing factors combined wouldn't have boded well for me or for my case against paying him more money.  However, I am a sorcerer to my core, plus I have powerful and responsive allies.


Before the lawsuit was even filed with the court, I was warned by Samael (who I had been working with quite a bit a few months ago, and have known for a number of years) to expect problems out of this gentleman.  The really interesting thing about that was that he just kind of showed up and indicated he wanted to talk to me about something important, like right then and there, and he NEVER does that - I usually have to evoke him to get him here.  He told me that I was not dealing with a reasonable individual, and that I needed to take this threat more seriously.  That was when I got concerned that this matter could go badly for me and started some other spells to mitigate the damage.

I did a Tarot divination to see what would happen if I did nothing about this problem, and the reading wasn't good at all.  Then I did one to see what was likely to happen if I got busy magickally, and the reading was far better.

So once I was finally notified that I indeed had to appear in court, I began a nine-week series of ceremonies and offerings at specific times and days so that I would build up enough magickal force on my side of the argument to be able to walk out of there paying as little as possible in a settlement.  I won't go into the specifics of the rites that I performed, but I will say that they were very intense, and were much blacker than what I'd normally have done.


The Goetic spirit that I actually worked with for this case was King Bael, aka Baal and Beelzebub, because it is said that he can grant one invincibility along with invisibility.  I know him as the father of my Goddess (Isis/Astarte/Astaroth), according to some research, and it was she who indicated that I should call upon him in the first place.  She has never once steered me wrong.

Bael was just as cordial as the other demonic kings that I've evoked, but was a bit more exacting in his expectations as should always be expected when dealing with demonic royalty.  He came across as bit stern in his personality, but was by no means hostile toward me in any way.  His appearance was powerful, and he appeared to be roughly 7-8 feet tall.  I was glad to have had a chance to chat with him a bit during this 9 week process, and learned quite a bit from  him.  He even shed some light on a perplexing situation that I'd had with another Goetic spirit.  All in all, a positive association.

The night before court, I made one final offering to him and felt as though it was well-accepted, and that I would have a good day in court.


While we were in court, the judge did some calculating based upon the records and the evidence that I had, and came up with a figure of $2500 as a settlement amount.  I and my attorney both disagreed and came up with our own figure of $458.  My opponent said that if he didn't get $2000 minimum, we were going to end up in the bigger court downtown.  That would have meant sitting before an arbitration board and missing another day of work, plus paying my attorneys again.  However, after some haggling we finally settled at $815 plus 1/2 the court costs after at least 90 minutes of arguments and debates, and my opponent said before the judge that he would drop the issue entirely if that amount was paid to him within 30 days.

WHEW! That was close.  The last thing you want to do in this mostly seasonal business is to tie up all your time in court fighting some stupid legal battle over and over during your busy season!

The reason I consider this a victory is because not only will I not have to go back to court about this matter, but I actually paid less than half of what both the judge and my opponent thought was a fair settlement, and only 16% of what my opponent originally sued for.  After the case was over, my attorney even said "this was probably the best possible outcome for you, because if we'd had to go to a higher court, it probably wouldn't have gone as much in your favor.  Better to handle it here so that you can move forward without having to pay more legal fees, miss more days of work, etc."  I, of course, didn't want to pay my opponent another cent above what I'd already paid him, but that's usually not the case when you're involved in a civil litigation.  Neither side walks away happy usually.

Except in this case.  I was very happy with the outcome, especially in light of all the ways this could have gone badly for me.  My thanks to both Samael and Bael for their aid and support, and also to the Goddess for her ever-present help.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Anthology of Sorcery by EA Koetting

I just got this in the mail today.  Stoked isn't the word for how I feel right now.  Will review it once I've read through it, but if it's anything like E.A. Koetting's other works, I know I'm in for a Magickal treat.

Stay tuned!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Goetic Evocation of Dantalion

For this post, I'm going to simply copy and paste the notes from my own journal.  The evocation itself was successful, and my results were achieved.


I began the process with an Ouroboros serpent printed onto a sheet of paper in the form of a figure 8.  Within the lower loop I placed the Mars of Water magic square in blue from page 637 of the “Occult Encyclopedia of Magic Squares” to indicate Mars in Pisces which is the placement that Dantalion rules.  Within the top loop, I wrote out my petitions and then drew the seal of Dantalion in blue atop those petitions, giving him power over them.

I placed this talisman on the floor within my circle, and had it facing the current position of Mars at the time (which was north).  I placed 4 candles, two blue and two red, around the serpent after dressing them with psychic power oil.  I then opened the temple and began the rite after this, and made an offering unto the Goddess to invoke her presence, and then another offering to Ganesha to “open the way” for me to speak with Dantalion.  Then I did the Bornless Rite to invoke my HGA.  

The Bornless Rite was especially powerful this time, since I had been fasting from meat for a little over a week, and since it was the first time I had done it after drawing my new circle upon the floor in my temple.  The air in the room changed afterwards and became charged.  I acknowledged the 4 directions in the form of the 4 Sons of Horus, and felt their presences around me.  I lit tea light candles around the circle, one in each of the 4 directions, which I always do so that I can have a good idea of when the called spirits arrive.  Then I began the actual evocation once I’d filled the room with incense smoke from Dragon’s Blood resin and Copal resin.

The Call and Dantalion's Arrival

I chanted the infernal mantra “alash tud alash tul ashtu” to tune into the infernal current, and continued after it became glossolalia until I felt a definite connection to that current.  Then I began to chant the enn of Dantalion (“avage ayer Dantalion on ca”), and I began to feel the air in the room change again, and a cool presence circled around the left side of my body and that was when I knew Dantalion was present.  

I greeted Dantalion and welcomed him, and then stated my reasons for summoning him.  He swore to perform the tasks that I had outlined, and we agreed on the payment and the time frame.  I informed him that I would make final payment within 3 weeks, as that was the time frame I desired for results to be made manifest.

Upon the Seal of Dantalion I placed a toenail from my left middle toe (because Pisces rules the feet) to serve as a link to me.  Dantalion indicated that he wanted to operate through my recipe of my psychic power oil, that when I wore it I would have the results that I sought on a permanent basis.  He told me to place a drop of this oil upon my toenail linking the oil to me and to him through his seal.  

Once this was done, he indicated that he would begin the work, and would return in three weeks for payment.  I also told him that if I was pleased with his work, I would write up a blog entry documenting it, and would also submit a link to it from the evocation magick website, in order to spread his fame and glory to others like myself.

The Results

I will say that the results of this spell were satisfactory, and that Dantalion has a good personality and is very likeable.  I won't go into the specifics of my request, but those who have worked with Dantalion or know of his specialties will have a good idea.

My thanks to Dantalion for his aid.