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Goetic Evocation of Dantalion

For this post, I'm going to simply copy and paste the notes from my own journal.  The evocation itself was successful, and my results were achieved.


I began the process with an Ouroboros serpent printed onto a sheet of paper in the form of a figure 8.  Within the lower loop I placed the Mars of Water magic square in blue from page 637 of the “Occult Encyclopedia of Magic Squares” to indicate Mars in Pisces which is the placement that Dantalion rules.  Within the top loop, I wrote out my petitions and then drew the seal of Dantalion in blue atop those petitions, giving him power over them.

I placed this talisman on the floor within my circle, and had it facing the current position of Mars at the time (which was north).  I placed 4 candles, two blue and two red, around the serpent after dressing them with psychic power oil.  I then opened the temple and began the rite after this, and made an offering unto the Goddess to invoke her presence, and then another offering to Ganesha to “open the way” for me to speak with Dantalion.  Then I did the Bornless Rite to invoke my HGA.  

The Bornless Rite was especially powerful this time, since I had been fasting from meat for a little over a week, and since it was the first time I had done it after drawing my new circle upon the floor in my temple.  The air in the room changed afterwards and became charged.  I acknowledged the 4 directions in the form of the 4 Sons of Horus, and felt their presences around me.  I lit tea light candles around the circle, one in each of the 4 directions, which I always do so that I can have a good idea of when the called spirits arrive.  Then I began the actual evocation once I’d filled the room with incense smoke from Dragon’s Blood resin and Copal resin.

The Call and Dantalion's Arrival

I chanted the infernal mantra “alash tud alash tul ashtu” to tune into the infernal current, and continued after it became glossolalia until I felt a definite connection to that current.  Then I began to chant the enn of Dantalion (“avage ayer Dantalion on ca”), and I began to feel the air in the room change again, and a cool presence circled around the left side of my body and that was when I knew Dantalion was present.  

I greeted Dantalion and welcomed him, and then stated my reasons for summoning him.  He swore to perform the tasks that I had outlined, and we agreed on the payment and the time frame.  I informed him that I would make final payment within 3 weeks, as that was the time frame I desired for results to be made manifest.

Upon the Seal of Dantalion I placed a toenail from my left middle toe (because Pisces rules the feet) to serve as a link to me.  Dantalion indicated that he wanted to operate through my recipe of my psychic power oil, that when I wore it I would have the results that I sought on a permanent basis.  He told me to place a drop of this oil upon my toenail linking the oil to me and to him through his seal.  

Once this was done, he indicated that he would begin the work, and would return in three weeks for payment.  I also told him that if I was pleased with his work, I would write up a blog entry documenting it, and would also submit a link to it from the evocation magick website, in order to spread his fame and glory to others like myself.

The Results

I will say that the results of this spell were satisfactory, and that Dantalion has a good personality and is very likeable.  I won't go into the specifics of my request, but those who have worked with Dantalion or know of his specialties will have a good idea.

My thanks to Dantalion for his aid.

The Correct Way to Use a Waning Lunar Cycle

This post should be of some use to those who may not know the correct way to use a waning lunar cycle, as I didn't until recently.  As most practitioners know, waxing lunar cycles are best for pulling things in to you, and waning cycles are best for pushing things away from you.  Talismans (which pull things to you) are traditionally used during waxing cycles, and amulets (which push things away) are traditionally used during waning cycles.

However, it can be difficult to use both cycles, especially if one isn't sure what should be pulled in or pushed away.  Using the technique that I will show here, can help make a manifestation easier to come by, and more fulfilling as well.


Magick as an Act of Sex with the Cosmos

Many high initiates of sex magick have written about the sexual nature of magickal work.  In truth, the act of sex is very closely related to the act of manifesting desired changes, or magick.  When using the Moon's cycles, this becomes clear as one uses the gentle "push and pull", or the sexual interplay between Mars and Venus in order to conceive a child, or manifestation.

The main idea here is that the overall intention should remain foremost in one's mind during the work so that there is no deviation from it's manifestation, no matter what current cycle the moon is in.  So to illustrate the point, we'll use an example.


A Manifestation Isn't Just the Object of Desire

Let's say that one is performing a spell for a new car.  During the waxing cycle, one would perform their magick to pull the car towards them, and during the waning cycle one would use magick to push "everything that is not conducive to the manifestation of that car" away from them.  This keeps the car foremost in the mind, and shapes reality by carving that car from the essential nothingness.

Let's use a diagram to further illustrate. 

Let the circle below represent the sphere of the desire.  The dot within this circle represents the desire itself, or the specific intention of the spell.  Everything within the circle that is NOT the dot, represents the environment within which the dot will manifest.  Magick done during the waxing cycle pulls the "dot" into manifest reality, and magick done during the waning cycle modifies the environment that the "dot" will manifest within, by removing whichever factors are not conducive to this dot's highest and best manifestation.  The dot then is the "embryo", and the entire area inside the circle and around the dot becomes the "womb".

Now since we are using both cycles of the Moon, we could even use two different spells to manifest the same very specific desire.  One spell would be to draw the desire forth, and could be worked during the waxing cycle.  The other spell would be to push away "what is not conducive to the desire".  The second spell basically "lubricates" the manifestation into becoming, by magickally detoxifying the environment which will give the desire it's final form.  The desire is the same for both, but the two approaches are essentially mirror images of each other, with one adding energy to the manifestation, and the other spell removing factors from the environment which may hinder it's best manifestation. 

A Word of Caution - Use Divination!

This is a two-pronged approach that will work much better than a one-off spell, or even a week-long working.  Using this technique over a month's time should bring about a powerful manifestation.

However, care should be taken to ensure that the intended manifestation is what you really want when using this technique, because it intrinsically makes modifications to your sphere that could also have other ramifications in whichever areas of your life they are also connected to.  

For example, if you getting a new car requires an improvement to your credit score, you may start hearing from collection agencies or credit counselors in order to help pay off old debts and improve that score.  You could suddenly have a falling out with your cable company, and decide that you no longer want their service, which would definitely free up more money for a car payment.  Your significant other, who doubles as a leech on your finances, may decide that the grass is greener elsewhere and suddenly leave.  One almost never knows how these things can manifest, so as always, a Tarot divination is best done before casting your spell so you'll know if you can tolerate your manifestation's most likely path of progression.

I hope this helps people understand a bit more about using Lunar cycles.

Friday, February 21, 2014

The End of the World As We Know It - Whatcha Gonna Do?

The title of this post may come across as fatalistic, but I think it's best to really come to grips with what is going on in the world today.  Most people want to remain in their little "reality tunnels" as Robert Anton Wilson would say, and not think about what's coming (preferring to keep up with the antics of Miley or Justin Bieber), but those people will truly be the most rudely awakened.

We see all types of uprisings, riots, racial and religious hatred, financial malfeasance, police brutality, corruption, and the like, everywhere we look.  And it is increasing and spreading throughout the world.  There's a reason for this, and it has been discussed ad nauseam by every conspiracy theorist out there, and many a fire and brimstone preacher: the world as we know it is coming to an end.  And it won't be pretty.

Now this is not going to be some psudo-prophetic diatribe, nor is it really intended to alarm anyone, because anyone with half a brain is already aware of what's going on.  And that miniscule bit of what we do know is only what has been allowed past the censors of the thought police and the prostitute news media.  That means it's probably even worse than we've been told.

The State of the World

The reality is that the collapse of our society is pretty much upon us, whether you agree with that assessment or not.  I won't bore you with a list of reports pulled from countless websites or blogs to prove my point.  It is a mathematical certainty, simply based upon the rampant looting of the wealth of the American middle class, through inflation and economically unsound Fed policy, along with high crimes and misdemeanors on Wall Street.

I won't bore you with the financial details, or the statistical lying that's going on.  Suffice it to say that I have studied economics and finance in depth (I have an MBA), so I can tell you with 100% certainty that the dollar (or Petrodollar) will soon collapse.  It's just a matter of when.

And that's just the financial outlook.  Poisoning of the food with GMOs, contamination of the water with radiation and fracking chemicals, climate change, earthquakes, the dying bees, the list of indicators goes on and on.

So what is a magickal practitioner to do, especially if you don't have the means to stockpile food or water, aren't a tactical marksman, don't have a black belt in Ninjutsu (I don't even know if they have black belts), or don't have a place you can go until it's all wrapped up?  Simply put: evoke.

Evocation As a Means of Survival

Evoke every single one of the 72 demons of the Shem ha-Mephorash, not later, but as soon as possible.  And attempt to gain a portion of their demonic power during each and very evocation.  This will do two things, it will give you additional power and help during these critical times which are coming, and it will release any irrational fears of damnation so that you can deal with the true horror of survival without civilization or a consistent supply of food and clean water, along with dealing with the desperate and murderous hordes of the unprepared mobs who will be out looking for anything to eat. 

Now this may sound counter-intuitive.  After all, why should one evoke a horde of demons in order to possibly survive hell?  Why should one risk their personal sanity in order to survive community insanity?  Simple.  Demons are power incarnate, and can not only teach you many powerful magickal techniques that you can use to survive when the shit hits the fan, but also can help see to it that you, if you can remain on good terms with them, will survive it through helping you out during critical times and in crazy life-threatening situations.

Is everyone ready for this kamikaze approach?  No, and those who are not would likely be driven insane by their attempts.  However, for those who have indeed achieved communion with their HGA/Augoides, you should get started on this as soon as possible.  I'll explain why.

Why Evoke Demons?  Have I Finally Lost It?

My basis for this train of thought is a theory that I have come up with, which says that what we know of as demons are actually Atlantean/Phoenician gods from the former earth before the Great Flood.  They have been through disasters like we have never before witnessed during this lifetime.  Although some of them may not have survived in the flesh, they are yet alive, and their experience of operating during a crisis is something that cannot be discounted.

They are far older than we know, and have undoubtedly seen many an empire fall along with the aftermaths of those falls.  From the Persian Empire, to the Roman Empire, and all the smaller ones in between, they've witnessed it all.  Long story short, they know what to do when it all goes bad, and you're more than likely going to need their help in some capacity to survive.  Unless you're a Green Beret or Navy Seal or something, which most of us are not.

My theory is also based on the assumption that the current "separation" of the conscious and unconscious minds of men occurred as a result of the Great Flood, and that the Great Work itself is a means of  reuniting these two portions of mind and enabling them to work in tandem.  Further, the Goetic demons, as Aleister Crowley famously put it, are portions of the mind itself, and are likely the unconscious portion divided into 72 fractions.

So I would ask, is it not prudent to face TEOTWAWKI with the awareness of the conscious mind, and the incalculable power found within the unconscious mind, united with each other in order to have a better chance to survive?

Sure, you could also evoke a host of angels and ask them to protect you too.  Maybe others will call upon the Loa, or the Norse gods.  But whatever class of entities you call upon, make sure to gain some practical abilities when you do it.  And do your best to stockpile some water while you're at it too, at least enough to survive for a couple of months.  And also get a gun with plenty of ammo.  You will probably have to hunt your dinner, or protect yourself from armed assailants.

Or I suppose you could just pray, and hope it all works out like in the movies, so that you can just retire and collect Social Security like your grandma did....

Food for thought for some perhaps, and a word to the wise for others.


OK, so who should be evoked?

For those who would make the attempt, I offer my suggestions of those who should be contacted first, in no particular order.

1. Dantalion - to know the thoughts of others, and to change them at will.  This will be of paramount importance if you are face to face with a harmless-looking person who only appears harmless in order to get close enough to take what you have.

2. Andromalius - to stop thieves in their tracks, and to revenge those who wrong you.  He could also help you find hidden treasures (like food or medical supplies).

3. Glasya-Labolas or Focalor - if you should need to send someone to the afterlife for harming you or a loved one.

4. Sallos - so that you and your spouse will be able to stand together in the face of unspeakable horrors.  After all, it'll be much easier to survive it and not despair if your family unit is intact.

5. Orobas - to maintain a semblance of dignity, and to protect against hostile spirits (as if you didn't have enough to deal with already).  He can also give you the favor of your foes, so that maybe they won't try to kill you.

6. Naberius - to make you cunning in all your moves.  In a situation like this, you will need all the cunning you can muster.

7. Vapula - to make you knowledgeable in handicrafts and professions, which you can use to barter for things when money no longer exists.

8. Volac - to find hidden treasures like food or water, or to have things brought to you if needed.

9. Foras - to learn the knowledge of herbs and stones (earth magick), just in case there's no medicine or if you need to learn which plants or insects you could safely eat.

10. Marchosias - to embody a fighting spirit, which is the one thing you'll need for sure.

11. Bael - to be "invisible" to others, so that you can slip past them unnoticed if need be, or to make looters not "see" your home.

12. Raum - for aid in stealing the goods of others if it comes to that.

13. Marbas - to cure illnesses, which will be of paramount importance with a lack of hospitals.

14. Sabnock - for help in fortifying your home against marauders.

These are just a few of the demons I would recommend, and it should get you off to a good start.  There are many others that could be added to this list, not all of whom are part of the Goetia.  Most of these are demons that I have evoked myself, and I can attest to their effectiveness in operations.  Do with this information what you will.

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Samael and the Tower of Judgement


I hesitated to write this entry because it could be considered controversial, although to me it serves as proof of the justice that still exists in the world, if only one knows where to look.


Many years ago, I was a member of a Pentecostal church in Ohio.  I had grown up there and gave 100% to the Christian religion as it was taught to me, during the entire 15 years or so that I was a member.  The church also had an integrated school, along with a senior citizens complex, and is very well known in the town where I grew up, albeit for more than a few unsavory reasons.

While I was a member there,  various rumors circulated about improprieties that had occurred with dozens of children over the years.  Most of these rumors I paid little attention to, but unfortunately, many of these rumors had an ugly element of truth.

It seemed that there were sexual predators among the church's leadership, who had preyed upon young men primarily, sometimes violently or so I'm told, and had covered up their crimes with out of court settlements and a series of lies.  During my tenure there as a young man, I had been approached on numerous occasions myself, but had declined to participate in these offers.  I was truly a Christian at that time, and in every sense of the word, even if those who were above me were less than shining examples of the same.

After I left, due in no small part to the heinous activities that were going on, a lot of the truth to the rumors began to surface.  I was made aware of sickening assaults upon young preteen and teenage boys, and the equally sickening cowardice of their parents who had done nothing before or since to right the wrongs that were committed against their own children.   Many of those boys have since become homosexuals, or have experienced issues with substance abuse and other manifestations of their inability to deal with this type of violation.  At least one of the boys grew up to become an abuser himself.

I should point out that I have nothing against homosexuals, although I do have a big problem with the phenomenon of those who were made that way because of sexual abuse.  If one is born that way, that's one thing.  But if one is made that way because that was how they made sense of being violated at a young age, then that's another thing entirely and is worthy of contempt, not for the abused, but solely for the abuser.

My heart still bleeds for the young men that I grew up with who were abused.  Not one of them had shown any signs of being homosexual while we were growing up, and not one of them deserved the horror that they experienced at the hands of those they looked up to and trusted.


I am and have been going through the trials, ordeals, and triumphs of the Great Work of personal illumination.  This work began in around 2006, has largely been the result of self-study, and has blessed me in more ways than I can count.  In a nutshell, as one ascends the levels of illumination there are ordeals that one must pass through in order to move onto the next grade or level.  These ordeals are usually administered by the archangel in charge of a particular sphere.

Samael is the Archangel usually attributed to the sphere of Geburah, or Severity, although some say that the angel's name is Kamael, but that attribution never sat right with me for whatever reason. 

My initiation into this next sphere was to consist of a series of tests over a period of 30 days.  My life had indeed gone through a number of adjustments in the months leading up to this initiation, some not so welcome, and was definitely in need of some "fixing".  But one thing about Mars (Geburah) energy is that it will push you to do the things you need to do, or even wanted to do but had held off on for whatever reason.

During this past December, I began meeting with Samael through weekly evocations and conversation.  Our talks mostly covered things that I hadn't yet learned in my studies, or things that I was confused about.  On December 28 of last year, during the evening hour of Mars, we had our second of a series of eight weekly conversations.  During this particular conversation, I expressed a desire to put an end to the corruption within the church in any way I could.  Obviously I as one man can only do so much, but I was willing to do whatever was in my power to do.  This desire was based in no small part upon the lack of accountability of my former church's leadership for the evil they had perpetuated, along with the evil perpetuated by many churches across the world, for which they never seem to answer fully.

After I'd expressed this desire, Samael indicated that he would help me.  We talked about different ways that I could see to it that the corrupt part of the church was brought to justice.  I started doing some things on my end in the meantime, setting to work on the tasks ahead of me.

That same day, earlier that morning, my former church where all of the evil had occurred was partially destroyed in a fire causing over $100,000 in damage.  This fire began during the morning hour of Mars, and was reported to me the following Tuesday (Day of Mars), during the afternoon hour of Mars.  According to the fire department, the fire was not the result of arson, and had begun from some sort of electrical malfunction or short.  It started in the prayer room, which was the highest point of the building and fully 3 levels above the church's kitchen.

These are links to the story:

I took this all as a sign an indication that Samael meant what he said and was showing me that he is yet the hand of God's justice.  Just to further show how much of a coincidence this is not, let's compare a picture of the church as it was burning, with a picture of the Tower card which Samael rules.

As you'll notice in the Tower card, lightning (electricity) strikes the highest point of the building, and throws the people out.  As a parallel, the fire began due to an electrical problem that began at the highest point of the church, and the church's members could not meet for their service the following day.

I am indeed grateful for this sign from Samael, for he has healed a lot of my own pain with this act of justice, and not only for my sake, but also for the sake of all those young men who were victimized by the former leaders of this church.

In closing, I will say that I did not cast any spells to make this occur, although I'm sure I could have managed it if I'd really wanted to.  Again, my great thanks to Samael, The Scorpion Without Parallel.

p.s. - If any should require proof that I indeed spoke with Samael on the date in question, I can and will surely provide that proof with a record of the conversation along with it's time/date stamp on the Word document that I used to record the evocation.