Thursday, August 8, 2013

First Goetic Evocation of Andromalius


I've been practicing magick for about 7 years now, give or take.  My overall aim is to complete the Great Work of personal transformation, and a big part of the Work is the ridding of any type of fear from the practitioner's sphere of sensation, at least to the extent that fear cannot control or inhibit your actions on any level.  This is easier said than done, of course.  Note that the trick is not to eliminate fear, because fear has a useful purpose, and some fear is healthy, especially when faced with a life-or-death situation because it can aid in caution and hopefully survival.  That's not the type of fear I'm referring to.

How to Face Irrational Fears

The fear that I'm writing about is the irrational fears that we create ourselves, which are based on our own imaginations and not necessarily any real perils.  Like Will Smith's character said in the movie "After Earth", "Danger is very real.  But fear is a choice."

These fears can range from fears of rejection, of failure, of embarrassment, and many other fears can be included in that short list.  It seems that there are new phobias invented daily.  However the path of the Magician must include the facing of all fear, especially the irrational ones, in order to lessen fear about a certain situation or action.  It must also include the facing of all primal fear, so as to make one mostly fearless.

Truly the fastest and most effective way to eliminate a fear is to face what one is fearful of.  To that end, I have consciously decided that whenever I am afraid of something, I must face that fear head-on and experience the things that I am fearful of.  By this decision, I have greatly lessened my fear of heights, fear of dark enclosed spaces, and even fears regarding certain roller coasters or amusement park rides.  Because of a NDE (Near Death Experience) a few years ago, I no longer have a fear of death either.  Perhaps I'll write about that experience at some point.

That does not mean that I am totally fearless, it just means that I am consciously working on all of my fears.  In my mind at least, an elite magician is essentially fearless.  So it would be hypocritical of me to call myself a magician at all if I were not consciously working on all of my personal fears.  Fear is taught and learned, much like guilt, and both are equally useless responses to stimuli. 

What does all of that have to do with the topic at hand?  Everything.  As I stated, I have been a magician for 7 years, and had never once performed a Goetic evocation, mostly because I was afraid to try it, but partially because I felt I didn't have a strong enough reason to do one.  I have studied the Shem-hamephorash in depth, both the 72 angels, and the 72 daemons that correspond.  But I'd still never taken that leap.  Until recently.

One of the unfortunate things about a strong Christian upbringing is a learned apprehension to all things dark and of a dubious or chaotic occult nature.   Sure, I can call up an angel or a god/dess or even one of the sub-lunaries, with no moral issues or conflicts.  Most of the sublunaries that I speak of include many of the Hoodoo saints and spirits, St. Expedite and High John the Conqueror being just two of the ones that I enjoy a relationship with.  But when you begin to speak of the Qlippoth entities, or Goetics in general, the traditional and conditioned Judeo-Christian admonitions of staying away from those types of spirits and practices comes back to mind full force, unbidden or not.  The reason I call that unfortunate is because I believe that we are here to experience life in its entirety, which means not just the yin but the yang as well.

I could not truly be a practitioner of Gray Magick if I were fearful of the Black.  I would be a hypocrite, and I refuse to be that.  At the end of the day, I want to embody the whole truth in my nature, because I consider "wholeness" to be a higher moral standard than "goodness".

I suppose I should speak on the evocation itself at this point.

The Operation

My last job ended badly.  So badly in fact, that it will require legal action on my part and against my former employer to make it right.  I've been here before, but not quite like this.  I had been cheated out of earned commissions, passed over twice for promotions for racial reasons, and just plain abused on multiple levels.  I'm surprised I stayed there as long as I did, but I was chasing a goal, and you cannot turn back a true Capricorn once he has his mind set on a goal.  At best, you can only delay them.

Because I wanted some payback for my poor treatment, after some research I decided to petition the 72nd Goetic spirit Andromalius because he punishes those who deal with others in an underhanded manner, along with other related specialties.  Because I believe that the absence of fear is necessary when dealing with entities of allegedly chaotic natures, I was able to find a Goetic evocation technique that did not require the curses, the circle, nor the tools of the Solomonic method.  In other words, I did not want to threaten Andromalius, because threats themselves evoke or demonstrate fear, and because it would have been counterproductive to the goal.  Why make a potential enemy of a Goetic when it's unnecessary to do so, especially if it's possible to have need of that entity's services in the future?  I'd rather make an ally of a Goetic spirit than an enemy personally.

The method of summoning itself actually required very little in the way of props.  You can read more about the actual method here.  I'm not a big believer in magickal tools.  I don't even have a wand, although I do wear a robe sometimes.  I think everything a magician wants to do in magick should be achievable using his mind, words, and body alone as long as he is able to focus his energies and the energies around him into a working.  The tools give a working extra power only because the magician believes it so.  That may sound like a Chaos Magick approach, but it makes sense to me.  You can't tell me that the magicians of old had to use lamens, wands, and rings, etc. every single time they wanted to do some magick.  Even Moses himself only used a staff, but he probably didn't even need that.  However, I very often will use candles and herbs, etc., because they add to the material basis of a work, but that's about it.

Ok, back to the evocation.  I'd already followed the process outlined by Devi Spring to create the petition paper, drawing out the seal etc.  After doing my preliminary banishings, Middle Pillar Rite, and the Bornless Rite, I invoked Auset to be present to guide the process, and also asked Lord Ganesha to "open the way" for me to speak with Andromalius.  I then began to chant the enn of Andromalius to get his attention - you can do a search for Goetic enns on Google, I won't post them here.  I did this ritual on a Tuesday during the nighttime hour of Mars because Andromalius is a night daemon.  Andromalius is also an Earl of Hell, so I faced the Southern direction of Fire when evoking.

After chanting his enn for about 3 minutes, the air in the room changed and "darkened" to signal his arrival.  The hair on my arms stood up, but I suppressed any fear because I realized it was only a physical reaction to a change in the room's energy quality, and didn't necessarily signify any threat to me personally.  I inquired as to whom was present and it turned out it was a deputy of Andromalius who had arrived.  I asked him to project the seal of Andromalius, so that I could make sure he could speak for him, which he did, and then I asked his name.  He told me his name but I should have written it down as all I can remember is that it began with the letter Z.  He also showed me a sigil of his name, but again I wasn't prepared to write anything down.  I'll be more prepared next time for that sort of thing.

I then spoke with him regarding the problems I'd been having, and asked if he could help.  He indicated that he could perform the tasks I'd requested, and then we discussed payment.  I let him know what I would pay, and he indicated that it was sufficient.  Payment was to be rendered within two weeks if all tasks were completed.  There were three tasks to be performed.

Overall, his demeanor was very businesslike, and cool.  Not at all like what I'd expected, although I'd read from multiple sources that Andromalius is very noble and quick to perform what you ask of him provided the payment is adequate.  I've found that to be true with him.  Again, I didn't use a circle, nor did I make any threats of any kind because I didn't feel they were necessary and would probably create more problems than it would solve.  I am confident in my banishing ability, and also in my relationship with two of my patrons, Auset (Isis) and Lord Ganesha, so why would I need protection from chaotic spirits, especially if I have treated them with respect?  Add to that I have a good relationship with Archangel Michael, yet another protective entity who I'd already invoked during the Lesser Banishing Ritual.

When communicating with Andromalius' deputy I was cordial, direct, and efficient in my communication, and he was the same toward me.  We did chat a bit, but we kept it business for the most part.

The Results?

I am happy to say that the evocation was successful, although I cannot go into very much detail regarding the actual work petitioned.  Results began to occur within 3-4 days although I'd given two weeks for results to be made manifest.  It was quite a positive experience, and I'd highly recommend working with this spirit if you ever need to get back at someone who has wronged you or a loved one unfairly.  I am glad I took this leap, because it is very empowering to release yet another irrational fear.

My thanks again to Andromalius for his aid.


  1. Thanks for the account. I want to ask if you saw him clairvoyantly or in your minds eye. Can you share what the deputy looked like?

    1. I could only partially make out his face because there seemed to be swirling mist around it. I'd describe his face as similar to the happy/sad masks that represent the theater I guess, but more ethereal. I could see his sigil, and the seal of Andromalius quite clearly however.

    2. Thanks for your reply. I'm guessing you communicated through thoughts?

      I've been lurking on EM for some time..less and less magicians are sharing personal accounts. Keep up the good work.

  2. Please did you annoint yout eyes or bath with drops of hyssop oil before the evocation? Did you make his seal on paper or metal? Finally what type of incense did you use?. Thank you

  3. I tend to use a psychic enhancement oil that I created for whenever I do evocations. It contains Mugwort and other herbs alleged to increase psychic senses, and I usually anoint the center of my forehead along with both of my temples with it. The seal was hand drawn on paper with red ink, and I used Dragon's Blood resin on charcoal as my incense because Andromalius is said to be a Martial spirit.

  4. I have been bothered by a human conscience with negative thoughts and ill intentions for over six years now and she has been doing especially since the recent revelation that she had been the cause of my many suicidal attempts as well as proof of her running away from a lie, mentally sexually harassed me and psychically induced lots of negativity towards me to the point where she would stop me from proper sleep and banishing as well as contact with Archangel Mikael or Andromalius.. I am coming here for help: Is there any way someone could help me pray on my behalf for either or both Archangel Mikael or Andromalius to help me IF they wish to, as I have been attempting to pray but have been rendered incapable at the mere thought! And I have ended up with a fever just from battling her high-pitched voice in my mind and all her channelled negativity..

  5. To Anonymous: I would suggest two things. One, look into hoodoo-styled house cleansing and possibly a round of cleansing spiritual baths. Negativity of that sort can only connect to you when you have negative energies in your environment, otherwise it can't touch you. Cleanse your body and home using techniques you can find at the LuckyMojo site among others. Two, find and draw the seal of Archangel Michael on a piece of paper in red ink, and project your wishes and desire for protection into it until you feel you have connected with him. Pray out loud to him if you can. He will begin to rearrange things for your benefit and you should begin to see signs of that within a short time. I would not recommend dealing with Andromalius for this in your condition. Andromalius can be a "hot" spirit, and it seems to me that you don't need anymore heat in your life right now. I hope this helps.

  6. Thank you very much, Isidore Gray! I have been able to perform the LBPR everyday now and can at least pray with much lesser disturbances although the "things" are still there [I saw these two black crawly figures following me and sending me chills a week ago and as much as I have been calm enough to try conversing with them (I always ask myself if there was something I did wrong before I analyse if it were sent from someone sp I can learn from it and not attract them in future), those beings didn't seem like they partake on actual reasoning.. but wanted me to, of all things, provide them with lies?!!?! I went what? And they said, tell me a lie.. ?!!?! And kept following me!]. In any case, I have been burning candles and offering tea as well as fruits to Archangels Mikael and Uriel, and am able to pray with less disturbances [woohoo!] so I am delighted something is going well in spite of being unemployed by the entities' disturbances as well as negativities originating from this one person.. Thank you very much, still, Isidore! With brightest blessings, Iszie xox

    1. You're very welcome, and I'm glad things are better for you. I wanted to also clarify what I said about Andromalius, specifically where I called him a "hot" spirit. His heat is necessary for many things within his office, and he has been a great help to me personally, so me calling him hot was by no means a slight. I have done workings with him where the results were unexpected and rather violent, however they were quite satisfying :). Regardless, for your situation, I didn't feel as though he would have been the best choice as his office is to return thieves, and punish wicked people although he can certainly do more than that.

  7. Please what specific conjuration did you use?

  8. And how long would I need to repeat a conjuration in order to determine whether it will not appear? Thanks a lot

    1. I used his demonic enn for the conjuration. Demonic enns can be found with a Google search. You should repeat it like a mantra until you feel the spirit's presence.

  9. Thank you very much for your time in answering my questions my good friend and please continue with your hard work. Thanks again